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What is the distance and time from Westport to Cliffs of Moher please?

It is about 100 miles, so it would take a bit over 2 hours, depending on traffic and the route. You would pass nearly Galway city, so traffic would be heavier in that area, th (MORE)

What is a cliff retreat?

A cliff retreat is a form of natural erosion. Rocks in the face of  the cliff are broken down by wind and water (rain, waves, etc). The  material in the cliff is loosened, a (MORE)
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What is cliff notes?

  Cliff notes are like Foot Notes and are simply there to give the reader more detail or explain something in the text. they are usually designated with a number next to t (MORE)
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How many miles from Killarney to Cliffs of Moher?

That depends on the route you take. Going by car to Tarbert in Co. Kerry and crossing the Shannon Estuary to Killimer in Co. Clare by the ferry and heading on to the Cliffs of (MORE)
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What are relict cliffs?

Relic cliffs are cliffs that used to be active (Eroded) when the  sea reached the raised beach beneath it. (Higher sea levels) Now  these cliffs are relict because they rece (MORE)
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What is cliff drainage?

When pipes are inserted into the cliff where rain settles more often in order to prevent more erosion and weathering occurring.