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What are Jet streams and how they affect climate of India?

Jet streams are a narrow belt of high-altitude winds in the troposphere. The sub-tropical westerly jet stream blowing south of the Himalayas are responsible for the western cy (MORE)
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How do jetstreams affect the climate of India?

"Jet stream is a swiftly blowing wind at a height of 3 to 5 kms above the subtropical high pressure belt. Himalayas act as a barrier in their path and as such, the jet streams (MORE)

What is the important line dividing India into two climatic regions?

tropic of cancer At 23.5°N is the Tropic of Cancer. It runs through Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and southern China. The Tropic of Capricorn is at 23.5°S and it runs t (MORE)

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Why is climate not the same everywhere in India?

One reason is the size of the country. A country of that size isgoing to have different climates in different parts. Other largecountries do too. Then there are geographic fac (MORE)