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What are Jet streams and how they affect climate of India?

Jet streams are a narrow belt of high-altitude winds in the troposphere. The sub-tropical westerly jet stream blowing south of the Himalayas are responsible for the western cy (MORE)
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How climate influences the lifestyle of people in India with the help of three factors dressing shelter food habits?

  There are many types of climate in India. Mainly they are winter, Rainy and summer. In between there are fall and Spring. There are different climate zones in India and (MORE)
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How do jetstreams affect the climate of India?

"Jet stream is a swiftly blowing wind at a height of 3 to 5 kms above the subtropical high pressure belt. Himalayas act as a barrier in their path and as such, the jet streams (MORE)

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What is India?

India, officially the Republic of India (Hindi: भारत  गणराज्य Bhārat Gaṇarājya; see also other Indian  languages), is a country in South Asia. It i (MORE)

What is the important line dividing India into two climatic regions?

tropic of cancer At 23.5°N is the Tropic of Cancer. It runs through Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India and southern China. The Tropic of Capricorn is at 23.5°S and it runs t (MORE)