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What is climatology?

Answer Climatology is the study of the weather over a period of time, like for example when we say today's weather or next week's weather
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What is the importance of studying climatology?

By studying climatology, or the weather in a specific place in aperiod of time, people will begin to understand the weather and theenvironment there more clearly, meaning they (MORE)

How does climatology influence architecture?

Since evolution, man has been affected by climate and other natural elements. The ultimate aim of shelter is to make man comfort in creating optimum micro-environment. It has (MORE)

What is the relationship between meteorology and climatology?

Meterology is the physics of atmosphere it iz concerned with the bhaviour of atmosphere climatology on the other hand is concerned with the study of component elements of th (MORE)

What is climatological winter?

I have seen different cultures use the terms in different ways, but in general winter is based on the length of the days, climatological winter is based on coldest temperature (MORE)

What are the general requirements for a career in Climatology?

Climatologists need the minimum of a bachelor's degree in meteorology or closely related field, according to the BLS. Some positions require a master's degree and research pos (MORE)

What is animal climatology?

Animal climatology treats the same atmospheric processes asmeteorology, but it also seeks to identify slower-acting influencesand longer-term changes, including the circulatio (MORE)