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What are the elements of applied climatology?

applied climatology is how climate science and skill in data analysis are used for various sectors.
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Differences between climatology and meteorology?

  Answer   meteoralogy is the study of short term weather. like if its going to rain tomorrow or not.   but climatology is the study of the earths climate in year (MORE)

What is the objectives studying of agriculture meteorology and climatology?

To determine the crops which can grow.To decide the time period of cultural practiced.(making lands, planting or seeding, fertilization, watering, adding insecticide & weedy s (MORE)

What is the nature and scope of climatology?

Climatology is the science of studying long-term weather trends.  Its focus is on averages of weather and climatic conditions over a  long period of time in local, regional (MORE)

What is the importance of studying climatology?

By studying climatology, or the weather in a specific place in a  period of time, people will begin to understand the weather and the  environment there more clearly, meanin (MORE)

What is nature scope of climatology?

There is no scope of climatology at all. Why are you wasting your time in studying climatology, do something else
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Why is there a risk for severe weather on Dec. 23 rd 2015 in certain states even though the climatology threat is very low?

The severe weather outlooks issued by Storm Prediction Center arebased on present weather conditions and how they are expected tobehave in the near future. They are not based (MORE)