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What is an as-built plan?

sometimes things (buildings etc) dont get built exactly as the original blueprint calls for so when the project is completed some body gives the changes to the architect and h (MORE)
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Where was the duomo built?

It was built in many places in Italy because there are many Duomos but the main ones are in Florence and in Milan
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Who built obelisk?

the ancient Egyptians were the first ones to built the obelisk.They were about 70 feet tall. The Washington Monument is a obelisk.
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How were castles built?

The first step in building a castle was to put up earthworks. Typically a moat was dug, and the material removed from the moat was piled up were the castle would be, creating (MORE)

When was the britannic built?

the britannic was launced on nov. 26 1915. To begin the britannic was going to be named gigantic but after the titanic disaster it was renamed.
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Why were missions built?

So they could spread Christianity in the New World. To convert Native Americans to the Christian religion. The primary function of the missions was to Christianize the nativ (MORE)

Why were Ziggurats built?

They are thought to be platforms for temples honoring the gods of ancient Mesopotamia. each city-state had its own gods, so each city state had a different ziggurat.
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Who built the Ka'ba?

The Ka'ba was built by Abraham and his son Ismaa'eel. Below is a brief about this event. Al-Masjid al-Haraam (the Sacred Mosque) is situated in Makkah, a city in the Arabian (MORE)

Why were bikes built as they were?

Kinda hard to answer, as bikes have evolved some over the years. Very early bikes had equally sized wheels and were powered by kicking yourself along the ground with your feet (MORE)
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Why was the kaaba built for?

Abu Jaffar Al Baqer, narrates from Mohammad bin Ali bin Hussain r.a. that before descendant of Hazrat Adam a.s. on the earth, Almighty Allah, build a house called 'Bait-ul-Ma' (MORE)