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Did Princess Kaiulani and Clive Davies get married?

No. They did not . He married Edith Fox. She died a year after Hawaii lost their country to the USA. The Princess was 23.
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Who is Clive Cussler?

  Clive Eric Cussler (born July 15, 1931 in Aurora, Illinois) is an American adventure novelist and successful marine archaeologist.   For the source and more detaile (MORE)
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Who was Allen ryu?

A genius 8th grader in Mississippi who loves doing math. He  finished 27th in the national MATHCOUNTS competition last year and  was a near miss USAJMO qualifier. His goals (MORE)

How old is Clive from Professor Layton?

Well, they don't say for sure. However, he ought to be about ten years older than Luke. He also needs to be old enough to have had an internship at a newspaper. This leads me (MORE)

How did Ethan Allen do it?

When Ethan went to capture Fort Ticonderoga, their was only one soldier on guard. So that made it easy for Ethan Allen and his men. They captured the guard and walked up to th (MORE)

Sino si Robert clive?

Si Robert Clive ay pinuno ng mga Ingles na tinalo sa labanan ang mga pranses sa pamumuno ni Joseph Dupleix
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What is Clive James known for?

Clive James is best known for being an Australian writer and broadcaster and critic. He was recently diagnosed with leukaemia and lung disease. He is 73 years old.
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Were is Allen iverson?

After beginning the season with the Memphis Grizzles Allen Iverson was waived after just three games. While with Memphis he took several games off due to "personal reasons" He (MORE)
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Who was Allen Greene?

Allen Greene was Frank Darabont's agent and also a close personal friend. He died just before the completion of the movie due to AIDS complications.
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