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Was John Lennon a closet Marxist?

Thought   I don't know the answer, so I'll just comment as follows:   John Lennon was unconventional and a rebel. Like many other young people in the 1960s and early (MORE)

How to build closets?

A closet is one of the important furnitures you can have at home. Here are the tools you would require in order to build a nice closet: HammerTape measureNailScrewsAir gun, ai (MORE)
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How do you escape the closet on addicting games? should be facing the front of the closet were the door is  turn to see the jacket click on it and get a watch. can also get the hanger.    3. fac (MORE)
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What is the skeleton in blores closet?

The skeleton in Blore's closet is the dark secret that he's been keeping to himself. Blore's secret is that he was the main police officer on the force testifying against Land (MORE)

What is Platos closet?

Platos Closet is a store that you can shop at or turn in your old gently used clothing for money:) its a great store ive gotten abercombie jeans for $5 dollars once and they w (MORE)

What is a closet friend?

When someone is said to be "in the closet", some aspect of the person is hidden. So a "closet friend" would mean that the friendship is more "hidden", rather than being known. (MORE)

How do you stop mold in closet?

Most likely this leak is coming from the roof so, find the leak in the roof and fix it fast. This leak may not be necessarily above the closet area, as water can travel to the (MORE)

How do you vent an interior closet for an electric water heater closet?

An electric water heater does not need a vent (or flue) though you will want a plumed out piping on the pop-off valve on the heater. We've got that but the supply line (cold) (MORE)