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How do you come out of the closet?

I never imagined that I would be gay. I started to do a little research about my feelings in high school, but I never actually admitted to myself that I was gay. Once I starte (MORE)

What is in the closet?

I heard this George Lopez, the one where Carmen pretends to be Noah's Boyfriend.... Any ways, I think in the closet means to like your own gender.  clothes shoes a dead body (MORE)
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It was the janitors' closet or It was the janitor's closet?

many speculate that God gave birth to the janitor who then made the closet that hid his homosexual brother. Today the popular theory is that man is made of billions and trilli (MORE)
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What is a closet Marxist?

A person who believes in the writings of Marx [the Communist Manifesto] but keeps it to him/herself.
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What is a closet ginger?

I'm a ginger and a closet ginger is someone who does not like the fact that they have red hair and dye it monthly to hide it....
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What is closet eating?

Eating so much food or so often that you feel the need to lie about it or hide when you do it so nobody will know.

What is a closet queen?

A closet queen is usually a gay male who has not "come out" to his friends/family about his sexuality.
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What is a jam closet?

I don't like blackberry flavored jelly. I like strawberry jelly. Because while blackberry jelly is very easy to spread on toast, strawberry jelly is not as bitter, therefore c (MORE)