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How can you come out of the closet?

Everyone does it in their own way and time. You can tell a close friend or relative and they will spread the news or you can make a bit announcement out of it. You can also ju (MORE)

What is in the closet?

I heard this George Lopez, the one where Carmen pretends to be Noah's Boyfriend.... Any ways, I think in the closet means to like your own gender. clothes shoes a dead body or (MORE)

How do you organize your closet?

Since we have 2 racks, we have one rack for shirts, and one for the bottoms (I.E. skirts skirts ect ect) and we have 2 shelve for purses, and we have 2 coat racks for well, co (MORE)
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It was the janitors' closet or It was the janitor's closet?

many speculate that God gave birth to the janitor who then made the closet that hid his homosexual brother. Today the popular theory is that man is made of billions and trilli (MORE)

Is your closet magic?

Very much so. Very few creatures can use a wider variety of magic then the closet. The closet can even summon POke'mon such as Pikachu to do their evil bidding. Don't trust (MORE)
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Why is there a monster in my closet?

Because you are afraid. There is no such thing as scary monsters. People are much scarier, actually, but there are no people in your closet either. It is ok. You are safe. Go (MORE)
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What noun is closet?

The noun 'closet' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word fora small room or space used for storing things; a word for a thing. The word 'closet' is also a verb and an a (MORE)