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What is cloud?

Clouds are made up of drops of water formed from water vapor which condensated.They form wool-like shapes in the sky and fall as rain when they get too heavy.
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What is a cloud?

  Very simply, a cloud is "FOG" that is above the Earth's surface, rather than in contact with the ground.   Clouds and fog are one and the same thing, very tiny dr (MORE)
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How are clouds from?

  Water vapors condensizes on particle sin the air such as smoke or pollutants.
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What does a cloud do?

  A cloud holds evaporated water from rivers, streams, or any water. You see, there is a thing called the water cycle. Th Water Cycle is:   * Preciritation (rain)  (MORE)
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What is in clouds?

  Clouds, scientifically named Tanichthysical albonubes-francicitum; are usually made up of a light, fluffy substance which is 100% sugar. This substance is known amongst (MORE)
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Why can you a cloud?

This question is not correct it needs a verb after 'you'. Why can you see a cloud Why can you touch a cloud Why can you smell a cloud etc etc
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What is you cloud?

A visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.There are five main ways water vapor can be added to the air. Increased vap (MORE)
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Why are clouds there?

Well to rain on us of course clouds are even made of rain in a gasform