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What are clove cigarettes?

Answer . Cloves are a different type of cigarette made with a lower tobacco content. Some of the tobacco is replaced by little plants called cloves which are all natural. H (MORE)

Do cloves have nicotine?

No. . Answer (from a smoker of clove cigarettes) . Yes, clove cigarettes do contain nicotine. Many, such as the brand Djarum Black, may contain nearly twice as much nicot (MORE)

Where does clove come from?

Clove is native of Indonesia. Available in whole or ground, clove is a dried flower bud of the tropical clove tree with a pungent, sweet flavor. Whole clove is used in marinad (MORE)

Where can you get clove oil?

You can usually get Clove essential oil from your local health food stores. You can also order it online through a couple brands like DoTerra and Young Living Oils as well as (MORE)
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Why were cloves banned?

Cloves were banned because they are flavored cigarettes, and the USgovernment believes that they encourage kids to start smoking.