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What is clumsy?

Clumsy - not graceful or skillfull; awkward . Sentence: The clumsy boy bumped into all the furniture.

Is a clumsy person?

He may suffer from bullies at school because he falls, he drops things and stumbles a lot CLUMSY- is not gracefull,drops a things,skillfull,bumped into all furniture

What is the opposite of clumsy?

The opposite of clumsy (inept, awkward) could be adept, deft, practiced, poised, adroit or dextrous.

Are men clumsy?

Yes, they are a complete pain in the backside. They manage to break everything you own. Things that you have had for years are quite safe until you have a man move into your h (MORE)

Is it okay to be clumsy?

Yes, you can't help it. However if you know that you are clumsy it is sensible not to do things that your clumsiness may harm (e.g. do not go into someones house and start pic (MORE)

How do you know when you are clumsy?

I would say when you are like me! When you start hitting people or things (on accident of course) or falling on them. When you trip over flat surfaces or going UP starirs... y (MORE)

Are pengiuens clumsy?

only some penguins are clumsy you cant really answer this question because not all penguins or any animal can really all be clumsy.
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Are women clumsy?

That depends on the woman. Clumsiness is not characteristic of a specific gender; men and women can be clumsy.
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How clumsy is a idiot?

The term idiot is now offensive. It has referred to a person of profound retardation unable to learn proper speech or guard against common dangers. Generally having a mental a (MORE)