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Why are panda bears energetic and clumsy?

Pandas aren't energetic. They eat 12 hours of bamboo. And sometimes they sleep 16 hours. Their own system is to conserve energy because they can't digest all the nutrients in (MORE)

Can a concussion from four years ago cause headaches slurred speech and clumsiness?

Yes, a concussion can cause ongoing problems with memory, coordination, cognition, language, speech, etc. depending on the location and severity of the lesion. Concusions, or (MORE)
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Is Bella Swan clumsy?

She is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very clumsy in all of the most interesting and exciting movies. If you don't belive me read all of the (MORE)
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What names mean clumsy?

Other names for clumsy are awkward, uncoordinated, ungainly,  graceless, and inelegant. Clumsy means lacking social skills and  graces, or done in an awkward manner.

Which American president was known for being clumsy?

Gerald Ford......Ford was constantly doing clumsy and awkward things in front of the TV cameras and photographers. For example, he slipped on the steps coming out of Air Force (MORE)
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Is the 'y' in clumsy a vowel?

It has the function of a vowel in that word. In other words it functions as a consonant, for example in 'yellow'. The letter is often described as a semivowel or semiconsonant (MORE)

Examples that Bella is clumsy in the Twilight books?

Well, when you read Twilight, Bella admits she cannot walk across a flat surface without tripping. You can find many examples.. she always trips somehow. (E.G. In La Push in T (MORE)