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What is cluny lace?

Cluny lace was developed during the second half of the 19th century, inspired by lace samples originally worked during the 16th century. It was usually worked in coarse linen (MORE)

What was the cluny reform movement?

the cluny reform's purpose was to reform the error in monasticism. Monasticism had become corrupt and secular--monks thought they were cultural saviors, and thought they were (MORE)

Why was the Benedictine Monastery founded at Cluny?

St. Odo (879-942), organized the reform of monasticism in France atCluny in 927 to return to the strict rule of St. Benedict, thepursuit of personal sanctity, chanting the Div (MORE)
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Where is Cluny Abbey located at?

Cluny Abbey is located in France. It was founded by Benedictine monks in the town of Cluny. Today, very few of the original buildings still stand due to fire and war.

What does cluny mean?

This word has a variety of uses. You might be most interested in itas the place in France. If not then please consider consultingwikipedia.