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Is robin meade from CNN black?

Yes. Both parents are both black as are her maternal grand parents.  Her paternal grand mother is black but her grandfather is white  which is why she appears to have such l (MORE)

Fullform of CNN ibn?

CNN is the Cable News Network and IBN is Islamic Broadcasting Network     Cable News Network-Indian Broadcasting Network (CNN-IBN)
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What is the telephone number for CNN London?

  Cable News Network (CNN)     Contact Details   Address: Turner House 16 Great Marlborough Street London W1F 7HS UK Detailed country information (MORE)

Was don lemon fired from CNN?

No, not at all. He has been doing a regular weekend shift, andrecently (November 2013) was given a half-hour late-night programfive nights a week.
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Why do you write 'the BBC' and not 'the CNN'?

    Why Not 'The CNN'?     Asking "Why not 'The CNN'?" is like asking "Why not 'BBC'?" The official names of these two companies are probably what determined (MORE)

What is a description of CNN?

CNN stands for the "Cable News Network." It was founded by Ted  Turner in 1980 and was the first all-news cable TV channel. CNN  sees itself as a centrist network, focused o (MORE)