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What is a coal mining tipple?

  From the US Internal Revenue Service definition for tax purposes: Tipple - Originally the place where the mine cars were tipped and emptied of their coal, and still use (MORE)
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How does coal mining harm the environment?

Coal mining has the following adverse effects on the enviroment:   Extraction of the coal causes the landscape to sink   Water is used to separate coal from stone whic (MORE)
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World biggest coal mine?

The world's largest coal mine currently (based on production) is the Black Thunder Mine in Northeast Wyoming. Black Thunder Mine is owned by Thunder Basin Coal Company, which (MORE)
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What is a coal mine?

A coal mine is a place where coal is dug out of the earth. Some  mines are completely underground and depend on tunnels to take  miners to the coal. Other places, known as s (MORE)
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of coal mining?

Coal mining has many very bad cons and drawbacks. For one, it is highly dangerous. Coal mines have been known to collapse in on workers, trapping or killing them. The dust an (MORE)
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Where are the main coal mines in Australia?

The main coal mining in Australia occurs in a number of places in  the eastern half of the country.    In New South Wales and Queensland, about 96% of Australia's blac (MORE)
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Where in the county is coal mined?

26 US states produce some coal, but the top producers are as follows in order. Contrary to popular belief, West Virginia is not number one in production. 1. Wyoming 2. Wes (MORE)

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