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What is Australia's coat of arms?

Australia's coat of arms features a kangaroo and emu. These two animals are prominent on the coat of arms because, not only are they uniquely Australian, but they are unable t (MORE)

India coat of arms?

The coat of arms of India has four Indian lions standing on a circle. The idea was taken from the Sarnath Lion Capital that was built by an Indian emperor named Ashoka. He bui (MORE)

Who designed the coat of arms of Dominica?

The design was the work of Eleanor Lovelace (wife of Lieut. Col.  Alec Lovelace, C.M.G., M.B.E, M.C in post as British Administrator  1960-1964 ,now deceased). The Coat of A (MORE)

Why did the coat of arms originate?

Because one guy in a metal suit looks a lot like every other guy in a metal suit. Coats of arms originated as, basically, jersey numbers for knights. It helps, in a battle o (MORE)

What does the Venezuela's coat of arms stand for?

  The Coat of Arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will keep in its body the colors of the National Flag in three sections: The left section will be red and will (MORE)

What is the coat of arms?

A coat of arms is a symbol, usually painted on an escutcheon (a shield), that represents a country, institution, Royal Personage or member of the noble class. Some coats of ar (MORE)

Describe the coat of arms of Jamaica?

The coat of arms of Jamaica is very unique and contains a number of  elements. It has pineapples which is an indigenous fruit, a  crocodile which is the indigenous reptile a (MORE)