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What does the Botswana Coat of Arms stand for?

The cogs at the top of the shield represent industry. The three blue stripes represent rivers and water, which is very important in a dry country like Botswana. The bull's he (MORE)

Where did the term '' coat of arms '' come from?

It is a translation of 'cotte d'armes', a French term for a coat worn over their armour by medieval knights. It is thought that the cotte became fashionable during the crusade (MORE)

Why is the kangaroo on Australia's coat of arms?

The kangaroo, together with the emu, are on the Australian coat of arms, firstly because they are unique to the Australian continent, and secondly because they represent forwa (MORE)

Where can you see a coat of arms?

The study and science of coats of arms is called heraldry, from heralds (or, heralds of arms), officers who were originally messengers and who displayed and carried the coat o (MORE)

What is the purpose of coat of arms?

The purpose of the coat of arms was to identify a noble person or family and distinguish them from other nobles in places like battles.
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What does the coat of arms of Fiji mean?

The elements which appear in the coat of arms are: The shield has images both representing Fiji's primary produce and its links with both its colonial and pre-colonial past. T (MORE)

What does the Peruvian coat of arms mean?

The arms were created by José Gregorio Paredes and adopted in 1825 (Law from 1825, February 25th). The field is divided per fess and the chief divided per pale. First canton (MORE)

Why did knights use the coat of arms?

Knights and others used coats of arms to allow themselves to be recognized in battle even though they were encased in armor. They also used them as a means of identification w (MORE)

What is the Kentucky Coat of Arms for Kentucky?

It is two men standing face to face with a double arm lock hand shake. They are dressed in long coats with tails. It is titled, "United we stand, Divided we fall". A double ar (MORE)