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What is a coaxial cable?

Coaxial cable is an electrical cable with one wire in the center surrounded by a layer of insulation which is then surrounded by an outer braided cylindrical conductor and fin (MORE)
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Is cable coaxial the same as satellite coaxial?

Most times they are the same but a satellite signal needs to becarried by RG6 cable it is a heavier gauge wire then say RG59.Regular or analog cable signal is sometimes carrie (MORE)
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What is coaxial Qr?

Coaxial Qr is a coax cable that has been developed to met thedemands of broadband or internet. At the moment it is considered tobe the best of all the coax cables out there as (MORE)
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Coaxial cabling pros and cons?

The use of coaxial cables makes it hard to hide wiring becausethey are usually not color coded to match paint colors. There isalso a chance for breakage within the cable itsel (MORE)
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What is the difference between baseband coaxial and broadband coaxial cable?

\n. \nThe difference between baseband coaxial and broadband coaxial cable is baseband coaxial technology uses digital signaling in which the cable carries only one type of di (MORE)
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What is coaxials?

Co-axials means- 2 axis existing together. Two wires are conjoined together to form a coaxial wire...
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What is a Coaxial Media?

Media means type of data transfer, cable and connector but cable and connector can also be called medium. and coaxial is a type of cable which is mainly used for ethernet
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Will a rg6u coaxial cable replace a 5c2v coaxial cable?

Generally speaking, RG6U can replace 5C-2V coaxial cable because these are cables with very similar characteristics. RG6U cable is even better because it has lesser attenua (MORE)
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What are the characteristics of broadband coaxial cable?

1.The multi-layer design of coaxial cable makes it useful for a wide range of applications. 2. Coaxial cable can be run along the sides of buildings, underground, and around (MORE)