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What is a runway keel?

A runway keel is the middle portion of the runway. If you have a  100' wide runway, it would be the middle 50'. It is the area of  airfield pavement that sees the most aircr (MORE)

What does it mean to have cobblestoning of the posterior pharyngeal wall?

The term cobblestoning is used to describe streaks of lymphoid tissue (the cells that fight bacteria) on the posterior pharynx (throat) which is usually seen with allergic rhi (MORE)

What is a runway model?

  A runway model is used primarily to showcase the latest fashion creations of the world's top designers. They are required to be unique looking with strong features, high (MORE)

What does the cobblestone monster egg do in minecraft?

the cobblestone monster egg is a lot different from regular cobblestone. first of all, when you break it, it breaks as quickly as sand. even with your fists. second of all, wh (MORE)

What is Project Runway?

Project Runway is a reality game show currently in it's 13 season  (in the US) on Bravo TV. Designers try out and compete against each  other in challenges, have a runway sh (MORE)

Where can you rent a runway?

If you enter "runway rentals" into a search engine, it will bring up companies that either rental runways for fashion shows or will create one for your event. Concept Design P (MORE)