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What is the benefits of the coccus?

There are several different species and strains of coccus. Some ofthe positive benefits of coccus is the ability to help maintaincell balance and assist in the fight to ward o ( Full Answer )
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What is the scientific classification of Coccus?

The class for Coccus is Insecta. The kingdom is Animalia, thephylum is arthropoda, and the order is hemiptera. The suborder issternorrhyncha and the superfamily is coccoidea.
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What is Coccus Bacteria?

The roughly spherical bacterial shape is called cocci (coccus is singular). It can be monococcus, diplococcus, or can be in chain or clusters.
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What is a scientific name for coccus bacteria?

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Does coccus have a cell wall?

Yes, cocci do have cell walls. Cocci are bacteria and can be both Gram+ve as well as Gram-ve. But both the types do contain cell walls made up of peptidoglycan.
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What color is coccus under a microscope?

All bacteria, including cocci, are colorless under the microscope unless you use a light filter or a stain. If you use a light filter or a stain then the color depends on whic ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about coccus?

Cocci bacteriacan be responsible for causing many illnesses and diseases. Itcauses strep throat, some skin diseases and pneumonia, among manyothers. They can also cause gonorr ( Full Answer )
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Are coccus non motile?

mostly. some urinary tract cocci, and a few others are an exception. listeria looks like cocci sometimes, and is motile.
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What diseases does coccus bacteria cause?

Diseases caused by cocci bacteria are many. Here are a few: Neisseria gonorrhoeae: gonorrhea, meningitis. Staphylococcus aureus: skin boils, toxic shock syndrome, impetigo ( Full Answer )