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Origin of cockeyed?

Theories vary on exactly where the term "cockeyed" originated. It'sbeen attributed to the Gaelic word for wink which is "caog". If"caog" is compounded to "coagshileach", the m (MORE)

How do you get a cockeyed digital camera lens unstuck?

Be sure that the lock is not engaged. Grasp the lens firmly on a portion that is fixed (does not turn). Grasp the camera in the other had. Firmly twist the lens in the "off" d (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in Cockeyed Cavaliers - 1934?

The cast of Cockeyed Cavaliers - 1934 includes: Frank Baker as Undetermined Role Noah Beery as The Baron Billy Gilbert as Innkeeper Robert Greig as The Duke Kit Guard as Stabl (MORE)