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What are cockroaches?

Black or brown bugs   Food   --------------     cockroaches are bugs. they can be found about anywhere   they are very annoying because they can get in your f (MORE)

Why are cockroaches named cockroaches?

While the true origin of the name will probably forever be shrouded in mystery (a product of the long time that cockroaches have been plaguing our great civilization), a good (MORE)

Where can you get a cockroach?

Cockroaches can be found in dark places. They like to eat crumbs and will nest in cardboard boxes as they can feed off the glue that holds the cardboard boxes together, be it (MORE)
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How does cockroach move?

Muscles attach to the walls inside different segments and contract to move those segments. A neat thing about a roach: Hairs on its legs sense an approaching foot (or mouth) (MORE)

Are cockroaches blind?

no. and i will tell you a very interesting thing about cockroaches. a cockroach can live 9 days without a head, and the reason it dies is because it can not eat without it.