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Can you freeze shrimp cocktail?

  Yes. I love to freeze things. This product is easily frozen and can be thawed out in the frige for easy using. It will not harm the sauce.
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How many eggs does a cocktail lay?

    they have about two to four if they are not mated but when they do or starting to have eggs they will start screaming randomly till they find a place to lay there (MORE)

Why do they call the cocktail a presbyterian?

I do not think there is any known definitive answer . My guess is that the Presbyterian was a drink for people who were supposedly abstainers as Presbyterians traditionally we (MORE)

What is cocktail food?

Typically "cocktail" foods can be picked up and eaten with the hands (finger foods) and are served with drinks (cocktails) prior to a meal (appetizers) or instead of the meal (MORE)
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What cocktails are good for migraine sufferers?

Alcohol itself can be a potent Migraine trigger, so none are *good* for Migraineurs. However, vodka is one of the beverages least likely to be a trigger for most people. See y (MORE)

Can cocktails eat mint?

Yes! They love mint! I feed my cocktail mint all the time and he goes nuts over it! I highly recommend giving them some mint, they sure love it and I believe it is very very h (MORE)

What are the composition of a cocktail mix driks?

Liquors, usually distilled liquors. Fruit Juices. Carbonated Beverages Garnishes. Not all cocktails contain all of the above. A Martini consists of liquors (gin and vermouth) (MORE)