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How do you store coconut?

    Fresh coconut should be stored in the fridge, descicated (dried, sweetened) can be stored in an air-tight jar in a dark and cool place. As with all fats it will go (MORE)

What is a coconut adaptation?

The coconut grows in coastal areas. Its fruit has a fibrous layer which helps it to float on water and get dispersed to far off places. The fruit is well protected by the hard (MORE)

How do you get a coconut on Poptropica?

  * you don't really get the coconut  * you really get ingredients  * go to booga bay  * get the grass skirt  * go to the ruins again  * climb the huge coconut tree  (MORE)

What is coconut bedding?

Coconut bedding is made by natural coconut. Coconut coir fiber is long term use and comfortable. It's also good for nature because coconut coir is biodegradable you can make i (MORE)
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How many tons in 1 hectare of coconut?

You are mixing two unrelated units here. Tons are a way of  measuring weight and hectares are a way of measuring area. You  can't say how many tons are in a hectare.   I (MORE)