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What does coda mean?

Answer . coda is the exponentially decreasing portion or tail portion of the seismogram.It arrives after S-wave.(After twice the travel time of s -wave).coda waves are gen ( Full Answer )
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What does CODA stand for?

CODA . CODA stands for Child Of Deaf Adult. They might be able to hear or not. It depends if the parent's deafness is hereditary.
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Ds al coda?

D.S. al Coda = Dal Segno al Coda . It means from the sign to the coda.
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What is coda in music?

A more or less independent passage, at the end of a composition, introduced to bring it to a satisfactory close.
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What is a coda in music?

A Coda means a finale, or an ending. So a musician who had a long career puts out their final songs and these final songs are the coda.
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What symbol for coda?

Do you mean in music? If so, it looks like a O with a + through the middle of it.
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What is a coda in a story?

The coda of a story is the very last paragraph of a story or a letter which puts the story to an end .
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What does Coda mean in Lakota Sioux?

Nothing, since it is a Dakota Sioux word - but it is spelled koda.In Lakota it would be kola. Cola is a drink such as Coke orPepsi. Both koda and kola means friend.
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What is CODA in sign language?

The term CODA is an acronym or initialism, respectively. It stands for either "CHILD OF DEAF ADULT" in the singular sense, or "CHILDREN OF DEAF ADULTS" in the plural sense.... ( Full Answer )
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What is a outro coda?

Musically--many rock and popular music genres have sections that can be identified as codas. In these geners the coda is often refered to as an outro. In jazz and modern churc ( Full Answer )