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What is coding?

"Coding" is the act of writing a "script" in a pre-definedprogramming language for a program to execute. There are many typesof programming languages, which all exhibit differ (MORE)
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Codes for the webkinz code shop?

Whoa kid, NOBODY, I mean,NOBODY is going give you an actual code to use at the code shop. To get one you should go to Hallmark or some other Webkinz Retailer. If you search (MORE)
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What is a code?

A code is a method of sending a message in such a way that it cannot be read by someone who doesn't know how to decode it. A code can also be a system of letters and/or numb (MORE)
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What is the code with the?

To get a code you need to buy a book. Find a code inside and here`s mine:20167
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Justinian code and code of Hammurabi?

The code of Hammurabi-(Code of laws designed to keep social order) This code revolved around the concept of social classes. For example, "An eye for an eye" under this code (MORE)
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Is ifsc code is a branch code?

IFSC code is not the branch code. IFSC is nothing but IndianFinancial System Code, which is an alphaneumeric code. It uniquelyidentifies a bank and its branch, participating i (MORE)
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What is genetic code what does it code for and what are the letters of the code?

The genetic code is the sequence of nucleotides (represented by letters) found on DNA (or RNA). This codes for functional products (proteins) which determine the functions (MORE)