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What is codone?

Codone is a pain relief drug that is often used for back pain. Thistype of pain medication is used when someone needs long termrelief.
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What is a codon?

A three-nucleotide sequence in mRNA that specifies a particular amino acid or polypeptide termination signal; basic unit of the genetic code. In translation, an mRNA codon is (MORE)
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What does a codon do?

Assuming you do not have a typo in your question, a codon is a triplet of adjacent nucleotides in the messenger RNA chain that codes for a specific amino acid in the synthesis (MORE)
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What is codon?

A codon specifies a certain amino acid that makes up the protein. A codon is a sequence of three DNA or RNA nucleotides that corresponds with a specific amino acid or stop s (MORE)
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Why are codons and anti-codons important?

Anticodons are important simply so the tRNA can bind to the complimentary codons whilst carrying amino acids. Codons are important because they code for certain polypeptides t (MORE)

MRna has Codons or anti-Codons?

Great Question. The triplet Codon, as represented by the sequence of Dna bases, would appear to be inverted into anti-Codon form in the mRna molecule. This makes the tri (MORE)
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MRNA has codons or anti codons?

mRNA, or messenger-RNA, contains the codons used in the process of translating RNA into proteins. The tRNA, or transfer-RNA molecules, contain the anti-codon. Each tRNA has (MORE)

What is the degeneracy of codon?

it is the implication that any given codon codes for only one amino acid, while different codons can code for the same amino acid.Type your answer here...

What are start codon and stop codons?

The start codon on a messenger RNA strand marks the start point of translation from RNA to protein. It is nearly invariably AUG (which translates to the amino acid methionine) (MORE)