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What is a coelacanths?

The coelacanth is a fish which was believed to have been extinct since the Cretaceous period. However, in 1938 a curator of a museum found a coelacanth in a catch of fish of a ( Full Answer )
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What is a coelacanth?

the coelacanth is a very large fish, about 4 feet long.. the coelacanth was supposed to have gone extinct until they were rediscovered in1938. this ancient fish is covered w ( Full Answer )
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Where does Coelacanth ive?

The Coelacanth lives in the Indian Ocean, ranging anywhere from South Africa to India, and Indonesia.
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Where does Coelacanth live?

The Coelacanth lives in the Indian Ocean, and can be found in both South Africa and Indonesia.
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What do coelacanths eat?

Coelacanths eat whatever they find as they drift in the current. Because they can lift the upper jaw as well as move the lower jaw, coelacanths can open their mouths quite far ( Full Answer )
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Where do Coelacanths come from?

Coleacanths were discovered in year 1938. They were made 300 million years ago. This is why they're called living fossils. They are saltwater fish.
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Where are coelacanths located?

These are very rare fish and few have been found. The first ever discovered was found near the mouth of the Chalumna River, in the Indian Ocean. The second was found off of An ( Full Answer )
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Are coelacanths extinct?

No it used to be a cryptid and had many sightings. someone caught one in africa so no it's alive.
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Are the coelacanths okay?

Not really. In 1995, results from a dive counted about 40 coelacanths. The number has changed since then, but coelacanths are still nowhere near abundant. South African fish ( Full Answer )
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When did the coelacanth live?

The colecanth lived before the dinosaurs, through the dinosaur age and now every now and then people catch one. That means they are rare but still alive.