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What is phylum coelenterata?

Phylum coelenterate's are a species of marine life that includesjellyfish, coral and sea anemones'. They are very simple in designwith only two layers of cells and symmetry.
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Characteristics of coelenterata?

Coelenterata is an obsolete term which covered two animal phyla.These phyla were the comb jellies , Ctenophora, and the coralanimals, true jellies, and sea anemones known as t ( Full Answer )
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Types of coelenterata?

There are two other groups Cnidaria and Ctenophora: A.) Cnidaria also known as coelenterates, diverse group of aquatic, invertebrate animals armed with microscopic stinging ( Full Answer )
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Another name for coelenterata?

Coelenterata are also known as coelenterates. They belong to the Phylum Cnidaria. Some examples are corals, jellyfish, hydras and sea anemones.
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What is the characteristic of phylum coelenterata?

coelenterata contain stining cells colenteron or gastrovascular cavity may be simple or it may be branched or may contain a mouth surrounded by tentacles
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What is the economic importance of phylum coelenterata?

Phylum coelenterate has been divided into phylum cnidaria andphylum ctenophora. They are important because many medicines arecreated using material from each phylum.
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What do all coelenterata have in common?

Coelenterata, also called Cnidaria, include sea anemones, sea pens, jelly fish, etc. These organisms all have a body cavity, tentacles, simple tissue organization with an exte ( Full Answer )
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Is a jellyfish a Coelenterata?

No, it's Cnidarian. Cnidarians were for a long time grouped with Ctenophores in thephylum Coelenterata , but increasingawareness of their differences caused them to be place ( Full Answer )