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What is coercion?

Coercion is the act of convincing or forcing someone to do something they do not wish to do . This is usually done with the use of psychological pressure, physical force or t (MORE)

What is grave coercion?

Grave coercion is the crime wherein a person forces another to door not to do an act which is illegal under the Penal Law.

Define what is coercion?

Coercion means threats of serious harm to or physical restraint against any person; or any scheme, plan, or pattern intended to cause a person to believe that failure to perfo (MORE)

Is coercion illegal?

Questioner needs to define what they mean by "coercion" -BUT- as a GENERAL rule, yes, coercion is usually considered unlawful conduct.
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What is inherent coercion?

Inherent coercion is when someone or something makes a person dosomething that it wants the person to do. For example, in acriminal case, a person may start to be convinced th (MORE)

What is coercion in php?

Coercion, type coercion or type conversion is the process of altering the data type of a variable into another data type. PHP uses implicit type conversion (aka. Weak/Loose Ty (MORE)
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What does coercion mean?

The word coercion means getting someone to do something by makingthreats or otherwise forcing them to do it.