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What did Levi Coffin do?

Levi coffin started the underground railroad helped slaves escape from the south to his home in the North via the Ohio river into Cincinnati.
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Who invented the coffin?

The ancient Egyptians were the first to use coffins in buryingtheir dead. Their coffins were called sarcophagi and were made ofstone.
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Why are you in the coffin?

because if someone see's your body they will get scared and will try to put it in a museum to get money
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What did Oscar Coffin do?

Alfred Oscar Coffin was the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in a field of the biological sciences.
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Who was Oscar coffin?

Alfred Oscar Coffin was the first African American to receive a PhD. in Zoology from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1889.
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Did Victorian's have coffins?

Yes indeed. In fact, they had extremely elaborate funeral rituals. Their coffins, however, were not rectangular like modern caskets.
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Why no nail coffin?

Because some religions believe that if you nail down your coffin your spirit won't be able to get out after death to go to the after life.
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What is a viscera coffin?

An urn like small coffin in which the viscera of a deceaded - mostoften his heart - are placed. In the Middle Ages for example,oftentimes the heart of a king was buried in a d ( Full Answer )
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Is there air in a coffin?

No there is not. When you become deceased they have a special lock to put on a coffin there's no point of air because they are dead
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What is coffin metals?

Most metal caskets are made of steel, either carbon steel orstainless steel. But zinc, aluminum, copper, and bronze are alsoused for making metal coffins.