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What is the definition of cognate?

Words that are similar in different languages. As per Webster´s Dictionary: "cognate" of a word or morpheme: related by derivation, borrowing or descent. Examples: Engl (MORE)

What is cognation?

Cognation . Cognation is a relationship that exists because of shared blood (physical relation between two beings).

Is son a cognate?

Not likely, in Spanish "son" is a conjugated verb and means "they are." It can also mean "rythm" or "music" in some countries.

What is a false cognate?

False cognates are pairs of words in the same or different languages that are similar in form and meaning but have different roots. The term false cognates is also used (in (MORE)

What is a cognate in French?

A cognate, in French, or any other language, is a word that shares common meaning and etymological roots between two languages. The common root is usually seen in similar spel (MORE)

What is a true cognate?

A true cognate is a word that looks the same in two--or more--languages and has the same meaning, probably because they share a common origin (such as German "Freund" and Engl (MORE)

How many spanish cognates are there?

First, there are the problems of what is a word and what is acognate (i.e., how close do the forms and the meanings have to beto be considered cognates). If we take a middle a (MORE)