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What is cognition?

Answer what you get from your five sensory organs into you and your behavior is known as cognition. What you conceive into you. Observe - Absorb - reproduce Answer (MORE)

What is cognitive growth?

Cognitive growth is the gradual development of the neural cognitive domain matrix within the brain that helps to assimilate,register in memory and recall concepts of discrete (MORE)

What is cognitive withdrawal?

Cognitive means thinking. Cognitive withdrawal would mean withdrawing the thinking, or drawing back into your own mind. A person who has withdrawn would not be paying attentio (MORE)

What does cognition mean?

Mental functions such as the ability to think, reason and remember. The ability of an animals nervous system to perceive, store, process, and use the information gathered by (MORE)

What is cognitive?

It relates to knowing and remembering , the mental process of memory, judgement and reasoning as contrasted with the emotional reasons. Cognitive refers to thingking about thi (MORE)

What is cognitive anxiety?

Well, anixety is the negative aspect of experiencing stress, the worry experienced because of the fear of failure. Cognitive is basicly anything to do with the brain and i (MORE)

What is cognitive anchor?

Anchoring or focalism is a cognitive bias that describes the common human tendency to rely too heavily, or "anchor," on one trait or piece of information when making decisi (MORE)

What is cognitive retrogression?

in which students re-linquish critical thinking and thoughtful waysof learning. During the first two years of medical school,most courses are basic sciences and students must (MORE)

What is cognitive conservatism?

Cognitive conservatism is a psychological phenomena whereby it isharder to change a belief once you have it. This gets more severeas you get older.

What is cognitive therapy for?

Cognitive therapy helps people to identify their distressing thoughts and to evaluate how realistic the thoughts are. Then they learn to change their distorted thinking. When (MORE)