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What is cognitive functioning?

Cognitive function refers to a person's ability to process thoughts. Cognition primarily refers to things like memory, the ability to learn new information, speech, and readin (MORE)

What is cognition?

Answer   what you get from your five sensory organs into you and your behavior is known as cognition. What you conceive into you. Observe - Absorb - reproduce    An (MORE)

What is cognitive?

It relates to knowing and remembering , the mental process of memory, judgement and reasoning as contrasted with the emotional reasons. Cognitive refers to thingking about thi (MORE)

What does cognitive mean?

The word "cognitive" refers to the thought process (cognition) by which one is aware or by which one gains or applies knowledge. This includes intuition, perception, reasoning (MORE)

What is Visuospatial cognition?

a highly complex cognitive process, which requires the explorative scanning by eye movements, the quick and accurate direction of attention, the anticipation of the consequenc (MORE)

What is artificial cognition?

Cognition is the development of information to knowledge. The act of cognition consists of representing and transforming information. This can be done by sensing something dir (MORE)

What is cognitive intelligence?

Cognitive intelligence is the intellectual ability to reason; have logic; reading; analysing and prioritizing and writing. It is your brain that uses the neocortex and not the (MORE)

What is cognitive domain?

Cognitive domain is a special area of study that is used in  learning and developmental studies. It focuses on intelligence, and  the studying and processing of its measures (MORE)

What does cognition mean?

Mental functions such as the ability to think, reason and remember.     The ability of an animals nervous system to perceive, store, process, and use the information (MORE)

What is cognitive pyschology?

Thoughts determine everything about our lives. Two people can be placed in the exact same scenario, yet they will each walk away from it with two very different memories/exper (MORE)