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Is cognizance a word?

Conscious knowledge or recognition; awareness. . The range of what one can know or understand. . Observance; notice: We will take cognizance of your objections at the prope ( Full Answer )
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Cognizant in a sentence?

Before the official visit to another country, a representative ofthe United States must be cognizant of its customs and traditions
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What is cognizant 2.0?

Cognizant 2.0 ---- It provides seamless access to a worldwide talent pool, connected via a single platform .
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What are your expectations from cognizant?

Working in a reputed company like Cognizant, every people will have expectations in their mind, the same i am also having like to build a good career and also to develop my id ( Full Answer )
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What is your expectation from cognizant?

cognizant is named one of the fortune 500 most developing software companies and hence i hope that it would be a cognizant(sensible) decision for me to join in the company so ( Full Answer )
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What is cognizant objectives?

The objective is we well doing the all services and industries ,at the same time we invoved the how to working the employees for our company.these are all we managed the equ ( Full Answer )
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What is cognizable crime?

"Cognizable" means capable of being known or considered. It means capable of being judicially tried or examined before a designated tribunal. A cognizable claim or controver ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of cognizance?

In law: . The right and power to try and determine cases. . The taking of judicial notice. . Acknowledgement or admission of an alleged fact. In law: . The right an ( Full Answer )
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Who inaugurated cognizant?

The person that inaugurated Cognizant was Dr. Peter Zencke. He ison the executive committee board of SAP Co-Innovations Lab.
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Is there such a word as cognizant?

Yes there is. It means understanding or awareness, particularly of your immediate environment, situation, or surrounding.