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What is a coil?

Answer . it convers 12 volts into 50,000 volts . Coil in electronics means wire wrap around some media the get different uses in applications. The above answer only pertains (MORE)

What does the coil in headphones do?

The coil is basically an electro magnet which is used to move the cone or diaphragm in the headphone. It works like this.... Next to the coil is a permanent magnet, when the (MORE)
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What is air coil?

An inductor that does not depend upon a ferromagnetic material to achieve its specified inductance . This covers the cases where there really is just air inside as well as (MORE)
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What is coil pitch?

The distance between the two sides of an individual coil of and ACarmature winding id termed the coil pitch.

What is current coil and voltage coil?

The current coil is one through which the current of source can pass. This coil is connected in series. The voltage coil is connected parallel to the applied voltage. In the c (MORE)
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Why is there power to the coil but the coil does not spark?

81 dodge van 250 . I have same prob and have replaced ign module, coil, and distributor pic/up but still have no spark. I traced wire to module from coil and found that I only (MORE)