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What is Coir dust?

Coir is a reddish-brown coconut husk fibre. It is sometimes used for upholstery stuffing. The dust would be from minute pieces of the fibre which come loose.
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What type of material does coir refer to?

Coir is a natural fibre used to make doormats, brushes, floormats, etc. Coir is extracted from coconut husks. Countries like India and Sri Lanka use coir the most while count (MORE)
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Where are personalized Coir Doormats available?

Personalized Coir Doormats are available on the official Coir website. The website has various dedicated agents who will be happy to help you pick out a Coir product.
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Where can one buy coir matting?

One can buy coir matting in a variety of different places. A common store where one can buy such matting is at local supermarkets such as Walmart or Target as well as Costco.