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What is the average age of a Lt Col in the US army?

About 50 The Average LtCol in the Army, Air Force or Marines will be between 39 and 45 or 46 depending on several factors. Some will be older, and may be as old as 50 (MORE)

Elvis Presley and Col Tom Parker?

Simple answer is that they needed each other. Additionally, after Elvis' passing Colonel Parker was sued by Elvis' estate and it was proven without a doubt that Colonel Parker (MORE)

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Is Gerry Adams a member of the IRA as well as Sinn Fein?

he says he never was, most people believe he was, most unionists believe he still is.    A convicted IRA bomber has said that the Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams was "my (MORE)

Who was Col John Crane?

  Answer     I am a 9th generation decendant directly from Col. John Crane, and have complied an extensive history on my grandfather(x9). Some of it is here for (MORE)