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What is the origin of the name Colchester?

  From the Related Link below: "Colchester: The first part of the name is derived from the River Colne, the river name Colne, (also known as Clun), is British in origin an (MORE)

Where can a 13 year old in colchester find a job?

if you have a near by hair dressers or a new shop  that opened a few days ago just go into the shop ask if you can  have a job that involves paper round if you really need m (MORE)

What county is Colchester in?

Colchester is in Essex. It is an important Garrison town. It was an important Roman town. I believe it has the longest railway platform in UK.
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How long does it take to travel by train from colchester to London?

  From Colchester North Railway station to London Liverpool Street station takes just under one hour. However a lot of the UK's infrastructure is outdated and has not be (MORE)

How many miles from blackpool to colchester Essex?

287 miles taking this route: Take M55 (to M6), from Blackpool, to M6 to The SOUTH.Take M6 down to M1(S) to LONDON, via M6 TOLL (at J11A) to bypass Birmingham.Take M1 to M25 DA (MORE)