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How do you quit Lexapro cold turkey?

  Don't quit Cold Turkey   I would not recommend quiting cold turkey - you need to quit over several weeks lowering your dose each week.  When you do finally quit yo (MORE)

What does it mean to 'quit cold turkey'?

Answer   To completely quit and go off something in one move. For example, if you were coming off drugs, you could go 'cold turkey' and just completely stop taking them ( (MORE)

How did the Cold War affect Turkey?

After WWII Turkey wasn't finically stable. The United States made the Truman Doctrine that said the United States would support Turkey and Greece finically and protect them(wi (MORE)

Why defrost a turkey in cold water?

  Primary reason: If the turkey will not be cooked IMMEDIATELY after thawing, the use of warm water can lead to parts of the bird becoming warm enough for the multiplicati (MORE)

Stopping seroquel cold turkey?

  Bad idea. Depending on the amount you are taking, how long, and why there can be a number of withdrawls. Seroquel is a strong medicine, it is possible to quit, but this (MORE)

Can you quit Lexapro cold turkey?

  With all other medications similar to this, you should consult your doctor or medical provider what is best for you. Every patient has different cases and thus doses are (MORE)

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