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How do you quit Lexapro cold turkey?

  Don't quit Cold Turkey   I would not recommend quiting cold turkey - you need to quit over several weeks lowering your dose each week.  When you do finally quit yo (MORE)

How long after turkey is cooked can you eat cold turkey for?

After you have cooked a turkey an refrigerated it, the turkey can  be eaten for up to 3 days. The turkey needs to be stored in an  airtight container.
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Can you die from stopping Effexor cold turkey?

  I'm not a doctor, but based on my research...unless you have some underlying won't die, you'll just wish you would.     Stopping Effexor is a hard (MORE)
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What happens if you quit Adderall cold turkey?

Answer: You will experience some of the most horrible withdrawal symptoms of your life, so I suggest you don't do it. These include:intese hunger, rage, paranoia, hallucinatio (MORE)

Why defrost a turkey in cold water?

  Primary reason: If the turkey will not be cooked IMMEDIATELY after thawing, the use of warm water can lead to parts of the bird becoming warm enough for the multiplicati (MORE)

Is it safe to just quit taking methadone cold turkey?

Yes, it is safe to quit taking Methadone cold turkey because it has a longer half-life than most other opiates or opioid meaning it will stay in your system longer. You will e (MORE)

Can you stop Triliptal cold turkey when you are well with no problem?

  When discontinuing any prescription medication, you should always get the prescribing doctor's input first. Trileptal (generic: oxcarbazepine) is an anti-epileptic presc (MORE)

Can you quit Lexapro cold turkey?

  With all other medications similar to this, you should consult your doctor or medical provider what is best for you. Every patient has different cases and thus doses are (MORE)
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Can you quit taking vicodin cold turkey?

Yes you can. It's much easier with Vicodin than say Morphine, however Vicodin is still an opiate and is therefore very strong and influencing. If one abuses the drug and/or ta (MORE)