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Is castle a noun?

Yes, the word 'castle' is a noun ; a word for large buildingwith high, thick walls and towers that was built in the past toprotect against attack; a very large, expensive hou (MORE)

How can you Castle?

In chess, 'castling' is a move involving the rook and king, in a semi-switching motion. You can castle if there are no pieces in between the rook and the king, and if neither (MORE)
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How were castles protected?

Castles are mainly protected by moats. The moat surrounds the whole Castle, reducing the chances of trespasser. The walls are made of stone and are extremely strong. From the (MORE)
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Why castles changed?

over the years castles have changed from being made of wood , for its light weight , to stone for its sturdiness. castles have changed because of both advances in technology a (MORE)

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How were castles built?

The first step in building a castle was to put up earthworks. Typically a moat was dug, and the material removed from the moat was piled up were the castle would be, creating (MORE)

What type of castle is dover castle?

 I think it was a motte and bailey then rebuilt into a  concentric castle later by Henry II      Its origins lie in the Iron Age, and a Roman Lighthouse and  Ang (MORE)
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What were concentric castles?

Concentric castles were the later medieval castles. unlike square keep castles, concentric castles had no central keep. In many senses, they had no centre either as all parts (MORE)
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Who lives in a castle?

The Castle was both a military fortress of war as well as household for the noble and his family. Therefore the castle served two different functions requiring both a military (MORE)

What type of castle is caerphilly castle?

  It's a concentric castle that is to say a castle within in a castle. In addition it also has a moat. It's the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in the UK.
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Why did not the original Colditz Glider ever fly?

because it was to cold and its wing fell off and evreyone died by getting shot
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