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Is Colin a Gaelic name?

Colin is the anglicised version of the Scots Gaelic name Cailean, pronounced roughly the same as Colin.   However, Cóilín is used in Connemara, Ireland.
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Is colin Jackson married?

Colin Jackson is a former Welsh athlete. He competed in the sprint  and hurdle competitions. He was never married.

Who is Colin Morgan?

Colin Morgan is a Northern Irish film, television, and theatre  actor. He has acted in television as Merlin in Merlin and Jethro  Cane in Doctor Who. He has also been in a s (MORE)

Does Colin Firth have any children?

  He has three sons. One son was born with Meg Tilly in 1990. He has two additonal sons with his current wife born in 2001 & 2003
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Is colin farrell married?

no he has a girlfriend but has been thinking out getting married and having a family...
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Is Colin Dexter still alive?

Yes. Norman Colin Dexter, OBE, the British author who wrote the Inspector Moore novels (under the name Colin Dexter), was born September 29, 1930. He turned 81 in 2011.
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What is Colin Ford's email?

Well for real It is I am not lying becouse I asked him one time
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Does colin farrell have trichotillomania?

He admitted to GQ that he used to be "a hair puller-outer," when he was a teen.
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