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How did David Tennant get the role of Doctor Who?

David Tennant met the Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies when he auditioned to play the main role in RTD's miniseries Casanova. He really impressed RTD so when Christoper (MORE)
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What does the jamaican scientist paula tennant discover?

What did the Jamaican scientist Paula Tennant discover? She  discovered and characterized numerous viruses affecting citrus,  curcurbits and root crops. She was the fist per (MORE)

Is david tennant allergic to animals?

No, otherwise in the episode Gridlock he would have a rash or sneeze from picking up Captain Branagins kittens.   David Tennant is however very allergic to horses. He had (MORE)

What did the barons do?

Barons maintained one or more castles as military strong points. They controlled lands and forests and collected taxes to support their activities. They were subject to the Ki (MORE)

What happened to David Tennants parents?

Both of them are now dead. His mother Helen died on 15th July 2007of cancer; his father Sandy McDonald died on 17th March 2016 ofpulmonary fibrosis at the age of 78. His mothe (MORE)

When did the barons rebel?

The Barons in England rebelled twice. Once in 1215 against King John of England and again in 1264 against John's son King Henry III of England.

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