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What is collagen disease?

Answer . Collagen diseases affect the connective tissues of the body and include many disorders. See many medical journal articles on line.
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Is collagen an enzyme?

It is not enzyme but it's connective tissue which is found in skin, bone, hair, nail.
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Collagen is in what foods?

Collagen can be found in dark green leafy vegetables such ascabbage, kale and spinach. It can also be found in soy productssuch as cheese and soymilk.
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What does collagen do?

There are several things that collagen will do. Some of thefunctions include providing support for the tissues in the skin andbones, gives bones flexibility and strength and s ( Full Answer )
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Is collagen a lipid?

The fibrous protein constituent of bone, cartilage, tendon, and other connective tissue. It is converted into gelatin by boiling. So, no. Collagen is not a lipid.
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What protein is collagen?

This may help Anti-Wrinkle Creme has ceramides. This is what keeps moisture in. "Ceramides make up the bulk of the lipid layer which holds the skin's cells together in a fir ( Full Answer )
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What is a collagens job?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein.It is found in animalls.It is a fibrous protein found in extracellular matrix and also in connective tissues.Now a days,it is used in ( Full Answer )
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What is collagen collagen?

a group of naturally occurring proteins. In nature, it is found exclusively in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of mammals.
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How do you synthesis collagen?

Collagen can be synthesised a few number of ways. The most popular way is to apply topical creams containing active ingredients of either retinol(retin a/tretinoin)a strong de ( Full Answer )
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Which structure does collagen have?

Well, the primary structure of collagen is made up of a chain of repeating triplets (usually Gly-Pro-Hyp). Then, collagen is made up of three alpha helical chains that form a ( Full Answer )