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How long can a collection agency collect?

Collections agency typically are given a year or more to collect on any account before it is sent on to another agency by the creditor. Some creditors use individual agencies ( Full Answer )
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What are collectibles?

Collectible are things that have significant and growing value and are difficult to find. They can be anything (such as coins, memorabilia, ornaments, figurines, dolls, painti ( Full Answer )
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What can you collect?

well, you can collect: . marbles . coins . rocks . unusual liquid (in order to collect unusual liquids, take some small containors,and you can put any liquid you have ( Full Answer )
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Can you collect unemployment if you are collecting a retirement?

This answer depends on a few things. First, it depends on what state you are claiming benefits in (not which one you are living in or received the pension/retirement from). Ge ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell collectibles or collectibles?

I beleive you meant collectibles or collectables. Either spelling is acceptable. See more on wiki about the history and usage of both terms.
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What can you do with your collection?

you could look for motor museums, shows. It may seem strange but you could let them be rented so people get a good feeling about the car, and possibly donate money. You could ( Full Answer )
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How do you you get collection bureaus to delete collections?

Find a lawyer in a different city that has the same first name as you. For instance, if your name is Wally, then find a lawyer somewhere named Wally or Walter. Then when the c ( Full Answer )
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Who are the collective?

A boy band formed on X factor Australia in 2011 containing the members William Singe, Zachariah Russel, Trent Bell, Jayden Sierra, Julian Devizio
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What kind of collection is a Wallace collection?

The Wallace Collection has a vast range of items. These include fine collections of all forms of art, such as paintings, porcelain, furniture, arms and armory.