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How long can a collection agency collect?

Collections agency typically are given a year or more to collect on any account before it is sent on to another agency by the creditor. Some creditors use individual agencies (MORE)

What are collectibles?

Collectible are things that have significant and growing value and are difficult to find. They can be anything (such as coins, memorabilia, ornaments, figurines, dolls, painti (MORE)

What can you collect?

well, you can collect: marblescoinsrocksunusual liquid (in order to collect unusual liquids, take some small containors,and you can put any liquid you have never seen before!)

Can you collect unemployment if you are collecting a retirement?

This answer depends on a few things. First, it depends on what state you are claiming benefits in (not which one you are living in or received the pension/retirement from). Ge (MORE)

What can you do with your collection?

you could look for motor museums, shows. It may seem strange but you could let them be rented so people get a good feeling about the car, and possibly donate money. You could (MORE)
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Who are the collective?

A boy band formed on X factor Australia in 2011 containing the members William Singe, Zachariah Russel, Trent Bell, Jayden Sierra, Julian Devizio
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What is a 'collective'?

A 'collective' implies a group. it could be of: people animals fish furniture
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