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How do you get into college?

The easiest way to get into college is to perform well (e.g. get good grades) in the grades immediately predating your college admission (e.g. High School). This performance w (MORE)

What is a college?

College is a place of higher learning for people that want to earn a degree in a certain profession. By going to college, it will give you more opportunities to succeed in the (MORE)

How do you get in college?

Typically (in the US system, anyway), you must have a high school degree or GED. You can apply to college before you have actually received the degree as long as you expect to (MORE)

How is college?

Depending on where your located it can be quiet overwhelming with the new found freedom you didn't have in high school. you can find yourself lost in parties while you should (MORE)

What can college do for you?

To be honest college with only earn you about $200,000.00 more in a lifetime than high school will this is only the average person when you get to doctors and lawyers that is (MORE)

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How do you get into a college?

If you want to get into a college, you must first apply. The best thing to do is to look at the website of the specific college you are planning to go to and see all the requi (MORE)

What do you get out of college?

Friends, education, experiences and a general perception of things. You will have better paying jobs and you will be able to give out more to the economy.
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What is there to do after college?

Is to start a career that you have worked so hard for normally the jobs that required a certain degree or college experience to enter them. But take it from me you want to ma (MORE)