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What is collimation error?

error in alignment between the optical axis of a telescope &the declination. it is line set out by the optical axis of the instrument ( level).so it is just an imaginary line ( Full Answer )
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What is collimate?

the lead diaphragm colloctaded with aluminum filter.the diaphragm or collimator is constructed of 1/16inch lead
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What is meant by collimated beam?

Collimated Beam for Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy. Karl D. Stephan Definition: a type of x-ray beam that is used for radiation therapy in cancer treatment.. X-rays ar ( Full Answer )
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What is a collimator used for?

A collimator is used to "bore sight" a scope. It will help ensure that the scope is close to being properly aligned.
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What is the height of collimation?

The height of collimation is the height of the line of sight. It isthe vertical distance of the horizontal plane through a telescope.
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What is Line of Collimation in Levelling?

it is line set out by the optical axis of the instrument ( level). so it is just an imaginary line that describes the ray of light that allowes us to read different values fro ( Full Answer )
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How much is a laser collimator for a telescope?

The cost of a laser collimator depends on the type of telescope you have. One could be looking at spending anywhere between $70 and $200 on a laser collimator.
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Where can one buy a laser collimator?

One could research stores that carry telescopes and equipment for telescopes. One may find a specialty store locally considering it is a larger city. If one has no luck in t ( Full Answer )
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Why is collimation used for telescopes?

Collimation is used for telescopes to make sure the telescopes are perfectly aligned. The reflector will not produce the best image if the aligned is not just right.