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What is colloquial?

The word 'colloquial' is an adjective used to describe slang termsthat are used in conversations or writing; informal use oflanguage.

What is colloquialism?

it's an informal conversation or a conversational style Colloqualisms are words and phrases that are specific to a region, and may not have meaning for people from other areas (MORE)
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What is a colloquialism?

A colloquialism is a word or phrase used in spoken or informal language. It is not part of formal speech and should therefore not be used in academic writing. Some examples (MORE)

What is colloquial theory?

A colloquial theory is an evolved form of a hypothesis that linksfacts together. The difference between this and a scientifictheory, however, is that a colloquial theory still (MORE)

What is colloquialisms?

It means informal language. It is a characteristic of an appropriate to ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing.

Colloquial in sentence?

Colloquial is defined as something that is used in everydaylanguage as opposed to formal language. It is more casual, as in,"What's goin' on?" versus, "What is happening today (MORE)
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What is an example of colloquialism?

Thrown in the sea. Colloquial to Vancouver Island - thrown in the chuck. I invite you to expand this list with some more local colloquialisms.

When do you use colloquial?

You can use colloquial language when you speak to a person who you know well, and you are comfortable to speak to someone. You should not use colloquial language with someone (MORE)
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What does colloquialisms mean?

It is a word or phrase that is used in conversation or informal language. Colloquialisms are words like gonna or wanna or phrases like old as the hills.