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What is colloquial?

The word 'colloquial' is an adjective used to describe slang termsthat are used in conversations or writing; informal use oflanguage.

What is colloquialism?

it's an informal conversation or a conversational style Colloqualisms are words and phrases that are specific to a region, and may not have meaning for people from other areas (MORE)

What is colloquial language?

This would be the languge, words and phrases used in casual situations by the people, as opposed to formal language.    Colloquial refers to ways things are said in a l (MORE)
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What is a colloquialism?

A colloquialism is a word or phrase used in spoken or informal language. It is not part of formal speech and should therefore not be used in academic writing. Some examples (MORE)

What is colloquialisms?

It means informal language. It is a characteristic of an appropriate to ordinary or familiar conversation rather than formal speech or writing.
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What is an example of a colloquialism?

it's a phrase or sentence used as a conversationalist piece, not as a proper sentence or statement, such as "He used that statement as a colloquialism to emphsize the common n (MORE)
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What is a sentence for colloquialism?

A colloquialism is an informal phrase that's used in every day  conversation, rather than in writing. An example sentence would be:  Her colloquialism made him feel much mor (MORE)

Are colloquialisms slang?

It is a type of slang. Frequently they are confined to a specific geographical location. The people there are about the only ones who know what their colloquialisms mean.
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