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Where is the Pulitzer Prize winning picture of Langley Collyer?

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nathaniel (Nat) Fein's photograph of Langley Collyer does not appear to be online (or isn't credited correctly), but purportedly can be vie (MORE)

Are the Jonas Brothers really brothers?

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are really brothers. They get this question  asked a lot, and they always laugh. Of course they are brothers, in  their Disney TV show JONAS there is (MORE)

Are the wayans brothers really brothers?

Yes. There are 5 brothers and 5 sisters. Four brothers and one  sister are in acting: Keenen, Damon, Shawn, and Marlon, and sister  Kim.
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What was the name of the brother who killed his brother?

Cain from biblical times was the first person to kill his own brother Abel. The fratricide was committed because Cain was jealous of his brother. He even said, "Am I my brothe (MORE)

Does the Jonas brother have a little brother?

yes the Jonas brothers have a little brother; The Bonus Jonas as everyone calls him. His name is Frankie Jonas aka: Franklin Jonas. Some people even think that he might even b (MORE)