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What was the centre of the universe?

no one knows what is the centre of the universe, but there are many beliefs: 1) maybe there is an ultimate black hole 2) maybe dark matter or dark energy 3) maybe some remnant (MORE)

What is the centre of the universe?

Without knowing where the boundaries of the universe are it is impossible to determine where the centre is. The milky way is just a cluster of galaxies and there are countless (MORE)
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What is value of g at centre of earth?

g= acceleration due to gravity. The acceleration due to gravity is 0 at the centre of the Earth. The mass of the Earth is pulling equally in all directions, thereby cancel (MORE)

What is call centre?

Call Centre is a place where services are rented to the customers, where customers quaries and problem are taken care of and outsourcesing is done
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How do you spell centre is it centre or center?

It might be both because of the movie Journey to the centre of the earth.I read the book and also asked this question.I asked my best friend too my 2nd grade teacher and my sc (MORE)

How do you spell centre?

The spelling "centre is the UK variant of the US spelling center (central point, shopping mall).
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What is a colocation data center for?

A colocation data centre is an internet hosting data center that is used by retail stores. This centre is used because it has a lot of storage space and is cheap.
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