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Which colonies were the tidewater colonies?

Tidewater Colonies were those affected by the tidal surge coming in  and out of bays and lowlands. This created a very good agricultural  area known for growing rice and ind (MORE)
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What is colonialism?

Colonialism involves the setting up of colonies and the policy ofextending political and economic control over a foreign territory.
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What colony was the buffer colony?

In British North America at the time of the American Revolution the "buffer colony" was Georgia. The colony was founded for the specific reason of protecting the British colon (MORE)

What colonies are in middle colonies?

The colonies included: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. Order of the Middle Colonies: New York ~ founded by Peter Minuit (for Dutch) and Duke of York (for Eng (MORE)

Which colony was not a New England colony?

All the colonies except Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire were not New England colonies. So the following were not New England colonies: New YorkPenn (MORE)