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When was Holland colonized?

in 12 bc the Romans conquerd holland,and in 50 ad they declatre the Rhine the northern border of the empire,in 1112 when te German king lost the right too appoint bisshops. (MORE)

Who colonized Rwanda and when?

Rwanda has previously been colonised by Germany, who first arrived to Rwanda in 1897 and took control over it soon after. In 1989, Belgium seized Rwanda from Germany in 1916 (MORE)

What does a colon cleanse do?

It cleans you out. It empty's all the feces in your intestines. It also claims to clean out excess and built up feces trapped on your colon walls. Weighing anywhere from 5-10l (MORE)

Colonizer of Vietnam?

  France - then the Vietnamese fought for and got their freedom from France, the US invaded but they got kicked out as well.   France
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Was Germany colonized?

No, Germany started out as a Baltic state of the Teutonic Knights. It later was called Prussia up until WWI, and from the end of WWI until the present day it has been called G (MORE)

Was Iraq colonized?

Officially, No, but many consider it to be because the power that  the British exercised over Iraq during its mandate-period resembles  colonization.    Iraq was part (MORE)

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What is a colonic?

A colonic is a cleansing of the colon, or lower large intestine, either by water (as in an enema) or by dietary supplements which cause the body to void, or empty the colon (a (MORE)