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Why are atoms colorless?

Atoms are colorless because they are so indescribably tiny. Because of their size, they cannot reflect any light in the spectrum. But, if everything is made of atoms, then you (MORE)

Why is carbon dioxide colorless?

Different elements and chemical substances absorb and emit different wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. Carbon dioxide is colorless because the wavelengths that it a (MORE)
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Why does the blood on a cockroach appear colorless?

If you mean why isn't a cockroaches blood red, it is because they do not use hemoglobin to carry the oxygen in their blood. Hemoglobin is what causes blood to be red.
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Why cucl is colorless?

In CuCl, copper is in +1 oxidation state, So that is a d10 system and the d-orbitals are completely filled. Hence colourless.
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What is clear and colorless?

  These terms are usually applied to descriptions of chemicals, particularly liquids. A synonym for clear is transparent, one can see through it. However something clear i (MORE)