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What is clear and colorless?

These terms are usually applied to descriptions of chemicals, particularly liquids. A synonym for clear is transparent, one can see through it. However something clear isn't n (MORE)

Why is brandy colorless?

It's colorless because it's distilled and contains basically just ethanol and water. However, it gains color through its aging in oak barrels.

Why are atoms colorless?

Atoms are colorless because they are so indescribably tiny. Because of their size, they cannot reflect any light in the spectrum. But, if everything is made of atoms, then you (MORE)

Why gases are colorless?

Some are not. The gasses (and anything else for that matter) that are colorless are so because none of the constituent atoms or molecules have electron orbits with energy gap (MORE)
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Is gasoline colorless?

Dyes are added at the refinary to aid in identification of different fuels. Gasoline is clear until they add the dye to make it straw colored.