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How big is the colossal squid?

  in 1993 a specimen was caught off Mauritius 4.5 metres long weighed 450kgs. In 1871 one was found of the Grand Banks that weighed nearly 2000lbs
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Who is the colossal Titan in attack on Titan?

The true identity of the Colossal Titan turns out to be Bertholdt  Hoover, in his titan-shifted form. He, along with Reiner Braun  (aka, Armoured Titan), breached the gates (MORE)
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What kind of biome does a colossal squid live in?

The colossal squid lives in the ocean biome. These squid can be  found in the deep ocean, but may also come in closer to shore.
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What is a a sentence with colossal?

That was a colossal mistake; I don't know if we can ever truly repair the damage. That bike is colossal; I can't even touch the handlebars! The colossal sculpture is much lar (MORE)

What is the colossal squid's locomotion?

  If the colossal squid moves as other squids do, then it would move by using its body to squeeze water out jets.
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Does a colossal squid fight sperm whales?

To save themselves. Colossal Squids are one of the prey species that Sperm Whales feed on. It is natural for any prey species to try to protect itself when it is attacked by a (MORE)