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What do colossal squid eat?

the colossal squids tentacles are used to fight off the large sperm whales trying to hunt it. the squid also eats small fish or other squid that dwell down in the abyss.. === (MORE)
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What are facts about colossal squids?

Their brains are shaped like donuts, and when they eat, the food goes through the hole, and if they eat something bigger than that hole, they could get brain damage.

What is a a sentence with colossal?

That was a colossal mistake; I don't know if we can ever truly repair the damage. That bike is colossal; I can't even touch the handlebars! The colossal sculpture is much la (MORE)

Where is the colossal rock on cryptids island?

The large pile of stones known as Snaggletooth Rock is at Puerto Rico, at the center star of the driving map for the jeep. You can't really do anything there on your first vis (MORE)

What is the synonym for colossal?

Huge, enormous, mammoth, humongous, immense, jumbo, and titanic are synonyms of colossal . See the listed related link below for the definition and a link ( Thesauru (MORE)