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What is famous in Columbia?

Colombia is famous for its coffee, listed as the best in the world.  Columbia is also famous for its emeralds, oil, beautiful women,  friendly and hardworking people.

Who was on the first vinyl in 1948 by Columbia Records?

The first Vinyl LP, which was released by Columbia Records in 1948, is accepted as being a recording of Nathan Milstein, a classical violinist, playing Felix Mendelssohn's Con (MORE)

How can you determine a value of old Decca records and old Columbia records?

    Answer     I assume that by "old records" you mean 78s, the old heavy singles that disappeared from record stores by 1960.     The value of 78s i (MORE)

What is guagua in Columbia?

'Guagua' is a word that is widely used in several South American  countries, but it can have different meanings in each one of them.  For instance, in Puerto Rico and in Dom (MORE)
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What is British Columbia?

British Columbia is a province in western Canada, the westernmost  of the provinces that border the US to the south. Only the Yukon  Territory (to its north) extends farther (MORE)

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What company now owns Columbia Records?

Columbia Records is based in the United States and was founded in the year 1888. Today, it is owned by Sony Music Entertainment. It is found in New York City.
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